About Us

In 2006, based on their common passion for racing, two friends decided to set up a company because many races could not be carried out normally due to problems with modified parts. For over 10 years, RASTP remains passionate about automotive restoration and performance.

We are customer-centric and committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience. We spend thousands of hours in our own garages, getting dirty, greasy, and sweaty, and we want to do whatever it takes to help the aftermarket community thrive. Whether it's the best products, service and support, or the most accurate content in the industry.

We are racing enthusiasts, we are passionate about racing and racing culture, we strive for excellence, constantly strive to improve ourselves, and satisfy every racing enthusiast's pursuit of quality and innovation.

Welcome car enthusiasts, professional car maintenance personnel, and car modification craftsmen to communicate and cooperate with us. Our goal is to provide you with the auto accessories and support you need to help you realize your individual needs and car upgrade plans.